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Viola Riechert
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Age: 31
DOB: 12/05/1989
Born: Germany
Weight: 62 kb 137 lbs
Born: Germany
Lives: Germany

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Viola lives in Hamburg, Germany and has been involved in competitive sports all her live. In 2017 she tried her first OCR Race and directly qualified for the Euro Champs that same year. Here, she dominated and won two gold medals in her AG and a silver medal in the Pro Short Course. Ever since she was hooked and never looked back.

With quite a bit of bad luck with injuries the first two years, she started to get more serious with training this year. Working with the best OCR Coach in Germany since the beginning of 2019, her whole life seems to just revolve around the sport and the quest of becoming a better and faster athlete. That her hard work and dedication to the sport is already paying off shows her great results at the OCR World Champs this past weekend, where she managed a great 12th place in the Short Course Pro Race and a very close 4th place with the German Womans Pro Team, only missing the podium by 1.5 sec.

She's not where she wants to be yet. With her drive and dedication there is more to come the next few years. Watch out.

Next to being an athlete she also works voluntarily for the German OCR Association. She also dreams of a training facility in her home town, (there is no facility within a 3.5h drive) where she can train properly for this complex sport and where she could help to get more people excited for this sport we all love.

Matthias Graute
Team Strong Viking Lab
Shortest (under 2 miles / 3k)
Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
2x 2017 OCR Euro Champs Age Group (25-29) Champion
2017 OCR Euro Champs Elite, Short Course, NL – 2nd place
2019 OCR Euro Champs, Women's Team Relay – 3rd place
2019 OCR WORLD CHAMPS, Pro, Short Course – 12th place
2019 OCR WORLD CHAMPS, Womens Pro Team Relay – 4th place
2018 OCR Euro Champs Elite, Short Course – 4th place
2018 OCR World Champs, Elite, Short Course – Top 20
2019 Strong Viking Indoor Championships, NL – 2nd place
2019 Barbarian Race, Wisla, Poland – 1st Place
2019 XLETIX Elite Berlin, Germany – 3rd Place
2019 Red Bull Conquer the Castle, Rosenholm Slot, Danmark – 6th place
Q & A

My first race was in March 2017, the OCR Series from Strong Viking in Osnabrück. I've heard it was a really cool race with tough obstacles and even though I had no idea if I could hang with the others, cause I've never been a runner, I wanted to challenge myself and simply see if I can do it.
I'm a very competitive person, so it was only a question of time when I would try to compete. I've been running a few OCR events before but just for fun with a team.

Honestly, I can't really explain what drives me to compete. I had this drive all my life. There has been no sports I participated in, where I didn't compete. I really don't know any different. Competing makes me happy and completes me. Competition keeps me motivated to become a better athlete, to push beyond my limits and to constantly strive for more. Seeing such progress feels amazing and is maybe one reason, why I love competing so much.

There is no better feeling than that thrill of competition.

Warrior Race South Africa

Probably Martial Arts, bouldering or Crossfit.

Short Course or ninja style competitions. all for the love of obstacles.
Survival Races in the Netherlands are also really cool race formats.

I train almost daily. Everything from running to general strength training, bouldering and Crossfit. I hardly do obstacle specific training, because there is no such place within a 3h drive from where I live. My emphasis lies on the running part through. You've gotta train your weaknesses, right?! ;)

Rest, sleep, nutrition and stretching.
I take good care of my nutrition and make sure to eat fresh and healthy foods. I started with paleo four years ago and never turned back. Next to nutrition I try to do enough mobility, stretching and to visit the physio regularly.

It's crucial to listen to the body and rather skip a training or pull from a race than to risk an injury. Something I had to learn the hard way.

Go out there, have fun, don't be scared and just try it. Nobody started as a pro. It's totally okay to fail. Enjoy the journey. Get up, gain experience, train your weaknesses and get it right next time.

Most importantly... listen to your body. Don't push beyond that breaking point or you will spend a lot of time at the side lines. The body needs time to adapt to more serious training and more mile. So take the time! From my own experience I know how hard this can be. To prevent such injuries it's great to have a coach who will tell you when you have to take it easier.

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