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Pro Tip: OCR is a Running Sport

Pro Tip: Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a Running Sport

Let’s get real for a sec. Sure, there are many skills needed to be a great obstacle racer, but at its core, OCR is a running sport, and it’s the ability to run that creates champions. Running endurance to be exact. I see so many people getting caught up doing exercises like bent-over, one-legged kettlebell hip curl extenders, so much so that they neglect the part that wins races. Running. Let’s look at arguably the greatest athlete on the planet, Jon Albon. OCRWC Champion, Spartan Race World Champion, but most importantly, Trail Running World Champion. He’s a runner at heart AND the greatest obstacle racer in the world. Did he win Trail Running Worlds with his obstacle proficiency or his over-head press? No. I’m sure that the same could be said for OCRWC and Spartan Worlds.

I would say that only 20 percent of our sport is focused on obstacles (if that) and the rest is running, so if you want to be a great, or even just a good racer, split your training the same way. Spend 80 percent of your time training the part of your fitness that makes up the most ground on your goals. There are plenty of people who can do obstacles as well as Robert Killian, but how many can run at his pace? It’s time to understand that to truly be competitive in OCR you must be a proficient runner. The next generation of OCR stars will be the ones with the best leg speed. Will it be you?

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