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Age: 20
DOB: 10/09/1998
Born: United States
Height: 6' 1" - 185cm
Weight: 160lbs - 73kg
Born: United States
Lives: Los Angeles California United States

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Professional Obstacle Racer
Youngest Spartan Race Winner in the History of the Sport
Youngest National Championship Series Spartan Race Winner
"The Prodigy" from Million Dollar Mile on CBS

Richard Diaz (Diaz Human Performance)
Shortest (under 2 miles / 3k)
Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
2nd Place Men's Elite - 2019 U.S. National Series Spartan Super - Seattle, WA 4/13/19
1st Place Men's Elite - 2019 U.S. National Series Spartan Super - Mobile, AL 3/16/19
1st Place Men's Elite - Las Vegas Spartan Super - 3/10/19
1st Place Men's Elite - Las Vegas Spartan Sprint - 3/9/19
1st Place Men's Elite - Arizona Spartan Super - 2/10/19
1st Place Men's Elite - Arizona Spartan Sprint - 2/9/19
1st Place Men's Elite - SoCal Spartan Sprint - 1/27/19
1st Place Men's Elite - SoCal Spartan Super - 1/26/19
1st Place Men's Elite - Los Angeles Spartan Sprint - 12/7/18
1st Place Men's Elite - SoCal Spartan Sprint - 10/21/18
2nd Place Men's Team - Spartan Race Team World Championships - Lake Tahoe, CA - 9/29/18
12th Place Men's Elite - Spartan Race World Championships - Lake Tahoe, CA - 9/28/18
2nd Place Pro Men Team - North American OCR Championships Team Relay - Stratton, VT - 8/11/18
2nd Place Pro Men - North American OCR Championships 3k Short Course - Stratton, VT - 8/9/18
2nd Place Men's Team - Spartan US Team Race Qualifiers - 7/28/18
2nd Place Men's Elite - Arizona Spartan Stadion - 7/6/18
2nd Place Men's Elite - 2018 U.S. National Series Spartan Super - Chicago, IL - 6/16/18
2nd Place Men's Elite - Monterey Spartan Sprint - 6/9/18
2nd Place Men's Elite - Monterey Spartan Super - 6/8/18
1st Place Men's Elite - Dodgers Stadium Spartan Sprint - 4/27/18
1st Place Men's Elite - Seattle Spartan Sprint - 4/15/18
3rd Place Men's Elite - U.S National Series Spartan Super - Seattle, WA - 4/14/18
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Alabama & Million Dollar Mile with Veejay Jones

Veejay Jones joins me to talk about his win at the Spartan USNS race, his training, and about the upcoming show he's on, Million Dollar Mile.

We're Obsessed with 'Million Dollar Mile' Defender Veejay Jones

But one defender in particular has caught our attention, and his name is Veejay Jones, AKA "The Prodigy." This guy is only 20 years old and he's been holding the record for the youngest Spartan Race winner in history since he was 16. Damn.

Jones and Mericle Earn Victories in Alabama

VeeJay Jones and Nicole Mericle take the second race in the Spartan U.S. National Series event held in Saraland, Alabama.

Q & A

It's hard to pin point one thing that drives me to compete. The easiest way to make someone understand is to say that I'm not trying to be a competitor, I AM a competitor. It's in my blood, I can't imagine my life without racing. I've been racing for as long as I can remember and its as much apart of who I am as my name.

I want to run some races in Europe. I think Denmark would be awesome. Toughest has been on my bucket list for a long time. The racing there seems so much more legit than here in the US, much more of an elite race. I want to throw down on those technical rigs, there are so many more!! Legit.

If I wasn't an OCR athlete I would have probably gone into decathlon. I was on the fence about going after OCR because I wouldn't be able to chase decathlon as well. But I think I made a good decision. I honestly think I would have been a great Decathlete. I have always been a "jack of all trades" athlete so I think that it would have played to my strengths rather well.

I like the 15k distance and below. The longer races are still a little much for me, it's going to take me awhile to master those longer distances. I'm still quite young so I know where my strengths lie. Im already starting to bridge the gap to the longer events but its still going to take me a little more time and training.

Most of my focus is Running, as everyone's should be. 70% of this sport is running so that should be the primary focus. But I supplement a fair share of strength training into my weekly schedule. I run or bike 6 days a week and strength train 2-3 days per week. One of those days is usually interval based running with OCR specific strength movements intermixed. Ill have one day that is purely strength training with a high intensity circuit that I do. Sometimes I'll add an extra day but it varies.

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Spartan U.S. National Series Super - Seattle, WA - 4/13/19
Seattle Spartan Sprint - 4/14/19
Spartan U.S. National Series Beast - Big Bear, CA - 5/18/19
Monterey Spartan Super - 6/1/19
Monterey Spartan Sprint - 6/2/19
Ohio Savage Race - 6/8/19
Ohio Savage Blitz - 6/9/19

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  • Nothing like mobbing through an obstacle course with a bunch of Ryans. #spartanbros #notthezwall
  • When @rjwoodsy tells you and @coach_kempson that he’s gonna finish the race......#spartanpro #startlinethoughts
  • “The Battle in Seattle” did not disappoint. If you have time to watch the race replay tomorrow, tune in, it gets fun👍🏽. - - - - - -
@dr0p_the_hammer and I went from being the bucket boys today to being the comeback boys. We both fell off the Z-Wall about 2 miles into the race while @ryanatkinsdiet and @coach_kempson made it through clean and kept going strong. After 30 burpees my running was heavy but slowly my energy came back and I was ready to work. Started running my heart out to make up as much ground as I could. After about a mile Kent ran up next to me and said, “We have the whole race still ahead of us.” It was exactly what I needed to hear. I looked up and saw both of the other Ryans far, but not out of reach. Confidence crept in. We went to work. Slowly closing all the way until the the last mile where I had caught Atkins. I was going to have to battle with the athlete I have always looked up to most in OCR. We charged the last mile head on in a battle of who would break. It came to the Herc Hoist where we arrived at the same time. He put a solid 4-5 seconds on me and with 200m to go I didn’t have it in me to catch him. I got out muscled. 2nd place it is. With Kent rolling into 3rd behind us. Both of us with 30 burpees and on the podium. Huge congrats to both of you guys, y’all ran an amazing race. 👊🏽
- - - - - -
With all the wins so far this year, at first, this second place was pretty hard to swallow. I was pretty disappointed at the line but now thinking back I’m really happy with the way the race went. I ran well and my race kept going after the mishap. And I suffered a loss to one of the greatest obstacle racers of all time, arguably the best. I can’t complain. And I’m inspired to keep working towards the next goal. #spartanpro
  • Coming in hot, who’s ready? #spartanbro 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
- - - - - -
Watch “some” action on @spartanrace Instagram 7:30am PST. Then for sure watch it on YouTube on Sunday!!!
  • Ready for one of the best @spartan races of the year. Seattle always brings my favorite mud fest. Ready to throw down and hopefully keep the streak going.☝🏽#mudrunsavant



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