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Born: Marquette Michigan United States
Height: 5' 7" - 170cm
Weight: 126lbs - 57kg
Born: Marquette Michigan United States
Lives: Austin Texas United States

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"Stephanie is an Endurance Athlete, Digital Marketing Specialist and Business Owner originally from Michigan's Northern Upper Peninsula. Outdoor sports and recreation have always been a big part of her life. Whether trail running, hiking, skiing, snow shoeing or strength training Stephanie thrives in natural, open spaces so igniting her passion for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). She is a naturally adventurous spirit and is constantly seeking new ways to challenge both her mental and physical limits."

Growing up sports and athletics were a huge part of my life; I was on the swim team, ran both track and cross-country, cheered during football season and had a full time dance schedule as well. After finishing school I spent a long period of time distracted from the athletic lifestyle that I loved while pursuing other passions. 8 years ago I made a huge shift in my life once again to focus on health and fitness. First through strength training and nutrition and finally making my way back to the endurance sports that I love so much.

Currently my heart lies in connecting with the outdoors through sport, pushing my limits, adventuring outside my comfort zone regularly and seeking new places in which to do those things. I live to impact rather to impress and feel that if you've never jumped a ten foot wall on the side of a mountain while covered in mud you haven't lived!

Outside of competing, I'm a founding partner of FitLincMedia, where we help OCR athletes and businesses grow their brands, dial-in their social media and connect with each other.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
Long (12-18 miles / 20k-30k)
NORAM - Stratton Mountain, Vermont 15K - 6th Place Female
NORAM - Stratton Mountain, Vermont 3K - 12 Pleace Female
The Do Stop Trail Race - Houston, TX. 2 Mile/3 Hour AMRAP Second Place Female
Pecan Trail Race - Houston, TX 5K - 4 Place Female
Spectrum Trail Racing - Muleshoe Bend MTB Race - 1st Place Female
Cooper River Bridge Run - Charleston, South Carolina
LifeTime Fitness Splash N' Dash Duathlon - 3rd Place Female
2019 Austin, Texas Spartan Trail Race 1st Place AG 3rd Place Overall
2018 - NORAM 3K Age Group, Stratton Mountain, Vermont - 15
2019 - Whoo's Trail Race - Whoo's En El Moro, Crystal Canyon, CA
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EndurElite 'Love At First Stride' Campaign

NORAM 2018 and Running in New Hampshire

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The People of OCR Podcast

Stephanie is a class act endurance athlete, a formidable Digital Marketing Specialist, business owner, founding partner of FitLincMedia, AND so much more! Listen to us discuss some important facets of OCR, including how we can fulfill our role that is entrusted to us as devoted members of the community. AND SHOE! ALL THE SHOES!

Thank you for tuning in, and please leave your feedback, SUBSCRIBE, and follow! It is greatly appreciated! Enjoy!

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Q & A

My first obstacle course race was the Alpha Warrior, San Antonio Texas in 2015. A couple of my friends heard about it and wanted to compete in the Team Race so I joined to round out our 4 person co-ed Team. Together we had a combined total of 0% OCR experience. I was excited, I get stoked about any type of race but this was an all new thing so stoke level was off the charts! The crowd was amazing - I could not believe the number of people. Brent Steffensen even came out to get us hype before we took off... (check out my blog ⬆️for the rest of the story!)

Exploring my own limits. Can I do something that I think I can't, when I think I can't. I want to be pushed but more than anything I want to push myself.

Patagonia. Switzerland. The Dolomites, Italy.

I was The Doritos Girl.

Tough question. Anything! I am currently heavily focused on OCR and endurance sports in general. I love trail racing, duathlon, triathlon but tp ex[and outside of that career I am looking into wrestling lessons. Like straight up WWE style - I wanna body slam someone off the ropes. Really.

I enjoy all of it, each format presents its own unique challenges but longer distance mountain running is my jam. Give me some elevation, mud and fresh air and I am one happy girl.

My workouts, both duration and focus vary. Most times a gym workout includes combined cardio and weight training and last 90 minutes. Trail runs can last anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. I love cross-training on my MTB and if it's my choice that is a multiple hour adventure that I recommend for some awesome heart rate training!

In a variety of ways. I try to be mindful about stretching and foam rolling frequently. It is a discipline I have to work at though. I also do a TON of walking, as a part of my daily routine and as a mode of recovery as well. Massages and bike riding also top the list.

Honor the process. Enjoy the journey. Be ready for constant challenge. Ask a lot of questions. Have fun!

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NORAM - Stratton Mountain, Vermont August 9-11, 2019
OCRWC - London, UK October 11-13, 2019
Austin Half Marathon - Austin, TX February 17, 2019
Spartan Race Super & Sprint - San Antonio, TX March 23, 2019
Spartan Race So-Cal Super & Beast - May 18, 2019
Whoos En El Moro 25K Trail Race May 11, 2019 Newport Beach, California
The North Country Trail Marathon August 25, 2019 Wellston Michigan



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