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Age: 33
DOB: 01/18/1987
Born: New Jersey United States
Height: 5' 3" - 160cm
Weight: 107lbs - 49kg
Born: New Jersey United States
Lives: Jackson New Jersey United States

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Perri Lauren has been competing in OCR since 2015.

It began as a way to combat her personal struggle with depression, reclaim her strength and power and find community.

It has given her that and so much more.

Perri currently competes in the Age Group category and has 2 podiums and all top 5 finishes in 2018.

Her current goal is to be on the podium for every race of her 2019 season and beyond.

She uses her platform and experience with suicidal depression to help inspire new racers and current racers to keep pushing and striving for more. It is never too late to find yourself, reclaim your life and change your circumstances.

OCR is a beautiful metaphor for life and its obstacles and every race (you) run, reminds you just how physically and mentally strong you are to handle any obstacle life throws in your path.

OCR is more than a sport and a lifestyle for's a life saver.
She also loves CrossFit, Rock Climbing and Trail Running.

Train with ME at !
Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
Ultra (18+ miles/30k+)
2016 Spartan US Elite Overall Top 150 Female
2017 Spartan US Elite Stadium Series - 13th Overall Female
2018 Spartan World Age Group - 112 Overall Female 30-39
2019 Spartan Stadion Series - 3rd Overall - AG 30-34
2018- Spartan West Point- 2nd Place Age Group 30-39
2018 Spartan NJ Sprint- 3rd Place Age Group 30-39
2017- Rugged Maniac NJ- 3rd Place Overall Female
...will add 2019 shortly. LOTs of podiums!
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Q & A

My first ever obstacle course race was actually Tough Mudder NJ.

I did it because I was running (become a runner to help me recovery from depression, set goals and crush them) and when I felt like it was time I needed something "more" I signed up for Tough Mudder.

Someone had mentioned that they think the obstacles would be a fun and challenging way to break up the monotony of running in a straight line for long periods of time.

And boy, were they right!

That was the beginning of a new beginning for me!

Proving to myself that I am stronger than my depression, my circumstances, my thoughts and my feelings is what drives me to compete.

Every race I run pushes me further, forcing me to dig deeper to find out who I truly am and what I am capable of.

It is a constant reminder that I am capable to handle anything that life throws at me.

I also compete to show people who are struggling in the way I had that it IS possible to rebuild yourself and your life, and come back stronger and more powerful than before.

Once we are down, we don't stay down.

I would love to race in Greece, Italy and Japan!

I am a professional singer!

Some may know that I sing the National Anthem at many Spartan Race and Rugged Maniac events. 🙂

You can also find me on your TV in commercials and even in some TV shows and movies!


I have always loved tennis. There is nothing like hitting the sweet spot of the ball to the racket and really throwing down a sick back hand shot!

I also love CrossFit.

Every single day you can push yourself like it's race day, to beat your best. They are mini races and you can learn a lot about yourself digging down in to the pain cave for one...more....rep.

I think Spartan Supers are my sweet spot.
I dominate the obstacles and have good speed so the distance of the Super gives me just enough time to get ahead of the pack and keep them away!

Spartan Stadium races are another favorite. Everything IS so fast paced and every obstacle is so close together than I am able to beat out a lot of the competition where it matters most, without giving them enough time or room to catch up!

Ultras, while I don't do too many a year, are also a love of mine. Its a whole different kind of feeling. It's a mental game that I really love!

Around an hour per day, 5-6 days a week.

I love CrossFit and have found the strength, rig and barbell work to be amazing training for OCR.
My grip and upper body strength has increased two-fold and my lower body endurance has taken a leap as well.

I like to mix in old fashioned weight lifting and will usually add a mile run to the end of my workouts.

Surprisingly, I am not a big runner anymore and don't do very much to train. It hasn't slowed me down BUT I know that adding long distance runs back in to my training will help me SUBSTANTIALLY so that is my goal for 2019 and beyond.

I will also try to get to Mud Sweat Tears, an obstacle gym in Northern NJ, once a week if I can!

Walks, CBD, Freeze Sleeve, HyperIce Massager, Planet Fitness Massagers! (don't judge 😉)

Plenty of water, protein, BCAA and adequate carbohydrates.

Tumeric, Ginger and Magnesium are also great supplements!

Do not be afraid. Do not compare. Do not judge yourself.
It's never easy trying something new for the first time, but there was a first time for everything and you're doing just fine.
OCR is like being a little kid, discovering a playground for the first time....
You just have to get out there and find out what you can do and what you can't. Some kids pick it up faster but, it doesn't matter!
Its going to be okay. You are going to make it home that night.
When you wake up, I PROMISE, you will have the desire to get back out there again, try more, do more, and get better.
It's life changing in the most positive way. Hold on to that and the rest will follow!

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Spartan Citi Field Stadium Sprint- April
Spartan NJ Ultra- April
....more to come. Just need to fill this all out!

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