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Age: 29
DOB: 11/01/1991
Born: Urbana Illinois United States
Height: 5' 6" - 168cm
Weight: 125lbs - 57kg
Born: Urbana Illinois United States
Lives: Somerville Massachusetts United States

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Hammond grew up in northern California but is currently on the inferior side of the country to attend medical school at Harvard. She has a track and field mid distance background, running at Swarthmore college and garnering All America honors in the 1500m. She continued to run post collegiately for the Norwegian track club IK Tjalve before starting med school and petering the heck out of repetitive cross training and running workouts. She discovered her unusual baseline grip and upper body strength when she started climbing in 2017. After a brief crossfit stint, she tried out OCR in 2018 and never looked back. OCR, to her, is all about variety and growth. Her breakout 2nd place finish at the 2018 Spartan North American Championships in WV was the longest she had ever run in her life, but she enjoys new experiences and, apparently, isn't *so* bad at the longer distances. She continued her success with a 2nd at 2018 Spartan World Championships in Tahoe and then 2nd at the 2018 OCR World Championships 3k in London. Her loud entry into the world of OCR caught the attention of the casting crew of an obstacle racing reality TV show. She was cast as a Defender on CBS and executive producer LeBron James' show "Million Dollar Mile". Running as "The Harvard Hammer", she was the only undefeated Defender on the show.
At the same time, she began to question which specialty she wanted to pursue in medical school; this, together with her success in OCR and beyond, led her to decide to postpone residency and dedicate more time to both OCR and life searching. Stay tuned.

Kim Nedeau // Piseth Sam
Spartan Pro Team
Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
2018 Spartan World Championship - 2nd Place
2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship 3k - 2nd Place
2018 Spartan North American Championship - 2nd Place
2019 Spartan North American Championship - 3rd place
2019 Spartan U.S. National Series Super, Alabama - 3rd Place
2019 Spartan U.S. National Series Super, Jacksonville - 4th Place
2018 Spartan Stadium Sprint, AT&T Park, Sat & Sun, San Francisco, CA - 1st / 1st
2018 Spartan World Championships Beast, Tahoe, CA - 2nd
2018 Spartan North American Championships Beast, West Virginia - 2nd
2018 Spartan Super & Sprint, Boston, MA - 1st / 1st
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Link Endurance Podcast

In this episode Mo and Miles catch up with Rebecca Hammond after her 2nd place finish amongst a STACKED field of pro women at the recent Spartan Race West Virginia North American Championships. We talk about:
* Her race recap
* How she balances OCR training with a tedious med school schedule
* How she uses the Whoop Recovery strap to dictate daily training & training intensity
* Her training on only 4-5 45-60 minute runs per week and more!!

Obstacle Dominator

Jan 25, 2019 - Every couple of a years a new dark horse stud muffin makes their way into our growing sport of OCR. In 2018, that was Rebecca Hammond. Collegiate runner turned obstacle racer, Rebecca shocked the field by literally fumbling her way to a 2nd place in a series Spartan Race, taking down the champ of the females, Lindsay Webster in the process. We chat about:
-Becca’s background and why she’s chosen OCR as her home to drop the hammer…
-Hunter’s obssesion with Zimbabwe and super charged dislike of hippies and “spiritual people.”
-How Beni is apparently turning into an athletic pothead…And much more!

Student Profile

2017 Harvard Medical School Student Profile.

Q & A

My first obstacle race was a Tough Mudder at Mount Snow in Vermont. I did it because my boyfriend at the time was doing it with his soccer friends. I remember thinking, "this is soooo far" and also (as I ran in circles and up and down the mountain to wait), "too bad this isn't an actual race". It was another year before i found out about the competitive ones.

For me, competition becomes a proxy for meaning in life. I don't mean to say that I don't find life meaningful; it's more that I think life would be existentially easier for me if I were, for example, a prehistoric woman fighting off sabertooth tigers to survive.

I would run it somewhere with really really bad conditions so I wouldn't have to run as fast xD

I'm half Chinese

Faye Stenning. Girl knows how to live life.

I probably would have gotten more into rock climbing or crossfit.

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Spartan U.S. Championship Series Race #1, 2/23, Jacksonville, FL
Spartan U.S. Championship Series Race #2, 3/16, Alabama
Spartan U.S. Championship Series Race #3, 4/13, Seattle
Spartan U.S. Championship Series Race #4, 5/18, Big Bear
Spartan U.S. Championship Series Race #5, 7/20, Utah



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