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Age: 47
DOB: 10/08/1973
Born: Greenville Texas United States
Height: 6' 2" - 188cm
Weight: 200lbs - 91kg
Born: Greenville Texas United States
Lives: Bluff Dale Texas United States

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When I was younger I was a good athlete but many years of coaching and teaching an life in general led to me doing very little for myself. Five years ago my mom died of brain cancer and I guess you can say that experience rocked my world. It made me realize I needed to be the best version of me. Fortunately a friend asked me to team up with him at a Green Beret Challenge. The rest was history. I was hooked! I was 41 and for the first time in my life I ran a race over a mile. Two years later, I'm competing in Elite and Competitive Age Group and I've competed at the OCRWC in 2017 and 2018. I truly love obstacle course racing!

Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
2017 OCR World Championship Qualifier
2018 OCR World Championship Qualifier
2019 OCR World Championship Qualifier
2020 OCR World Championship Qualifier
Numerous top 10 and top 20 age group finishes.
2019 Bonefrog Austin - Elite Tier 1 16th overall and 2nd age group
2018 Savage Central Texas - Elite 4th place Age group
2017 Conquer The Gaunlet - Elite 2nd Place Masters Division
Q & A

First race was a Warrior Dash, four years ago. I got into obstacle course racing after I lost my mom to cancer. I was 30 pounds heavier and had a lot of work to do. Obstacle Course racing gave me that drive to keep working out.

My biggest drive is my mom who passed away from Cancer. I made a promise to my mom that I would be the best person I can be in LIFE. I knew I had some work to do with my personal fitness. Obstacle Course racing motivates me to constantly improve and push myself in the gym and in my running. I also enjoy inspiring my students at my school. They enjoy talking to me about my races. I have also had several start participating in kid races.

I would love to go to Iceland or Greece for the Spartan Race and I'm hoping OCRWC goes to Australia or Switzerland after England. I enjoyed competing at the OCRWC in Canada and England the past two years.

Most people don't realize when they see me racing that my day job is being a superintendent at a small school in Texas. They often say I don't look like a normal superintendent.

Mo Brosette because he is a perfect example of the fact that us 40 year olds can still compete. I'm 45 and I take a lot of pride in beating a lot of men that are much younger than me.

Honestly not sure about this question. My favorite sport or hobby outside of OCR is hiking. I have climbed several Fourteeners and have completed some very difficult hiking loops over 25 miles.

I really like the 5-12 mile range. Conquer The Gauntlet, Spartan, Savage, and Bonefrog are some of my favorite race formats.

I spend 5-6 days per week training. About 3-4 on weight training and 3-4 on running. I spend at lot of time on grip strength training. Pull ups and what I call hanging crosses (suspend with your arms locked at 90s and then shift your body from one arm to the other). I try to train for obstacles. If you get creative you can mimic about every movement that occurs at a race.

1stPhorm Post-workout stack is my true friend when I recover. At my age I have to listen to my body. When I'm injured I have to allow time to let that injury repair itself. When I have longer races I allow for more recovery time. I cut back my running and weight on strength training. Notice I didn't say to stop completely. When I do an Ultra I give myself a whole month to recover. I will still do things but I do very little. Ultras take a lot out of a 45 year old.

Don't try to conquer the world in a day. Take it slow and build up your strength. Join a group that has knowledge about obstacles. Learn technique! You can have all the strength in the world but if you don't have the right technique, you will easily fail obstacles. Accept help from others and ask questions. OCR community is made up of some great people that are more than willing to pass along words of wisdom. Look up obstacles on YouTube... great resource. Never give up!

Bone Frog Austin February 16
Spartan San Antonio March 23-24
Terrain Race Fort Worth April 13
Spartan Austin May 18-19

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