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Age: 45
DOB: 09/09/1975
Born: Toronto Canada
Height: 5' 11" - 180cm
Weight: 184lbs - 83kg
Born: Toronto Canada
Lives: Austin Texas United States

Wide View, Narrow Focus

Maintain a wide view and a narrow focus. This isn’t a “quote” but rather a general philosophy I’ve realized over time I live by. My life is full as a dad, partner, athlete, learner and entrepreneur. I believe in Living as an action Verb and including as many things as I can that light my fire. I tend to cast a wide net, opening the door to many possibilities and then focusing on the ones that show the most promise. 
This past weekend, I went to Alabama with a relatively wide net; I was there to work, support and promote the athletes, reconnect with race family and I even left open the possibility of racing. Over the past few months, I’ve slowly been getting back to running but have been focused 95% on work and family. My cardio capacity isn’t what it was prior to my Achilles blowout last June and my obstacle proficiency is questionable (especially considering the inclusion of a few new obstacles I haven’t yet tried). However, because I’ve kept some balance across my work, life and fitness, I decided to jump into an Open heat on Sunday after my work obligations were met.
At first, I intended to do a “fun run” with my buddy Jason Wood (check out his Athlete Profile – great guy as well as a talented athlete)…but, after my warmup I felt great and my body was able to convince my mind that “fun” could also be had at 90% of my heart rate max (LOL)! As we took off out of the corral, I settled into my familiar race mindset and tuned-in closely to monitor my body to make sure I was racing responsibly and not setting the stage for a set-back. There were a couple times over the miles where my heart-rate spiked and the old nagging questions and thoughts crept-in, “Why are you doing this? You don’t need to hurt like this. This isn’t normal…” But…I’m a glutton. I love the pain cave. I thrive in knowing I can push myself to the point of collapse, recover, and keep moving. If you race, if you train to get fit or better than you were the day before, you know what I’m referring to. Are obstacle racers crazy? Are we masochists? Maybe so. And if that’s so, color me crazy, ’cause I love this stuff. 
Because I keep a wide view of life and include several things that fulfil me and bring me joy, I never veer so far away from any one of those things that a return to a focus on it is too difficult. Essentially, the blade never gets so dull that it would require a monumental effort to get it sharp again. This past weekend was a glorious mix of work and play. On the course, my body performed as well as to be expected, I escaped with my life, and a decent finishing time, and I was able to express multiple pieces of my self that keep this journey through life intensely satisfying. Wide view, narrow focus…breathe in, breathe out…repeat.
Race Gear: Virus Intl
Pre/Post Nutrition: EndureElite
Shoe Laces: Caterpy USA
Tags: OCR, Obstacle Course Racing, Obstacle Racing, Spartan Race, OCR Athlete, spear throw, bucket carry, OCR training coaching



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