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Age: 45
DOB: 09/09/1975
Born: Toronto Canada
Height: 5' 11" - 180cm
Weight: 184lbs - 83kg
Born: Toronto Canada
Lives: Austin Texas United States

Deciding to Race Again

Sometimes you get your ass handed to you and need to step back before going forward. Set-back is inevitable. You can’t run from it, hide, or deny its appearance. What you can do is be curious about it, understand it, learn from it, and use it to be better today than yesterday.

It’s been 6 months since I completely severed my Achilles tendon. I did it the night before the Tough Mudder X World Championship doing the course “run-though”. No one thing caused it, but rather several things; things I’ve now learned to do differently. After months of not being able to run, I’ve slowly worked my way back. Patience is hard for me…but I’m learning. I’ve decided to see where I’m at by “racing” the Spartan Sprint in Florida on Sunday. My primary motivation is to “feel” racing again – the anxiety in the days leading up, the fine-tuning of diet, sleep, training and recovery, the child-like excitement of getting to the venue, walking through reg and taking-in the festival area. And, as I head to the start corral, blending into the mash of athletes all there to prove something to themselves and maybe others, and to rev the engine they’ve been building. I love standing with my race family, just before the gun goes off and the magical mix of pleasure and pain begins.

I won’t lie to myself and say that just because I suffered a “career ending” injury for 40 plusers, that I don’t want to stand on a big block, because I do. But, I will race within the confines of my current abilities and revel in the pure joy of the hunt, connected to my fellow athletes, the earth under my feet, and the expression of my art through sport. Regardless of how I finish, I’m so very grateful that I get to toe the line again and that I still have race days ahead.

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