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Age: 45
DOB: 09/09/1975
Born: Toronto Canada
Height: 5' 11" - 180cm
Weight: 184lbs - 83kg
Born: Toronto Canada
Lives: Austin Texas United States

In the Face of Injury

Having been around a bit, I’ve come to learn that life is full of “defining” moments. Each year, I look back on the things that impacted me most over the previous 12 months to see what I can learn. 2018 provided ample opportunity to discover more of my blind spots and reminders to continue working on being a better version of me. I dug in deeper to being a better dad to my son, Lincoln, partner to @shessoquinn, promoter of the sport I love, OCR, and conscious, intentional, responsible captain of my own ship.

Throughout my life, a large part of my identity and self-worth has been seeing myself as an athlete. And I’ve taken that on, knowing one piece should never be too big a piece, but still relying heavily on it to feel “successful” in life.

The image on this post shows the start of my OCR season, my blown Achilles tendon, and me racing 6 months after surgery. 2018 offered me not just the defining moment of injury, but a period of many months to write the definition I wanted for my life. I’ve attached myself to the idea that adversity doesn’t just create character, it reveals it. I want to be a man of great character, knowing that I need to integrate into my self the shit I’m not proud of along with that which I am. This injury and my work to come back stands alone as a learning experience, but it also speaks to my life as a whole. Things we don’t want to happen will happen. Realizations that we need to make changes in how we think and act will arise and be immensely uncomfortable. But…if we lean into those discomforts, take the good and leave that which doesn’t serve our purpose, we…I…stand a chance.

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