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Age: 43
DOB: 09/09/1975
Born: Toronto Canada
Height: 5' 11" - 180cm
Weight: 184lbs - 83kg
Born: Toronto Canada
Lives: Austin Texas United States

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I was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in New Hampshire. With no cross-country or track experience I don’t have the typical runner’s resume that many athletes have in obstacle racing. I did play college basketball and a couple years of semi-professional baseball, but I had never run more than 3 consecutive miles until I was 36 years old!

My first obstacle race was a Spartan Sprint in late 2012, and that was the one that hooked me. I finished 56th in the open heat of that race, and barely made the top 10 of my age group - but I had found my passion. Since then, I've logged thousands of hours of OCR-specific training, running trails and inclined treadmills, working grip strength and moving heavy objects as quickly as possible.

Since 2012, I’ve dedicated myself to the sport of obstacle racing and have done everything I can with training, nutrition and mindset to constantly improve. Currently, I'm focused on short to mid distance courses.

Outside of competing, I'm focused on growing the sport of OCR and promoting the athletes and businesses that make this whole thing possible. I'm a founding partner of FitLincMedia, where we help OCR athletes and businesses grow their brands, dial-in their social media and connect with each other around sponsorship. Again in 2019, I'll serve as Head Official for the North American OCR Championships (NORAM) and Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC). In my spare time, I'm dad to my boy, Mr. to my Ms. and committed to improving in everything I do, every day.

Shortest (under 2 miles / 3k)
Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
Career: 50 Races; 7 Overall Wins (17 Masters); 8 Overall Podiums (25 Masters)
2018 Tough Mudder X World Championship Qualifier
2x Spartan Time Trial Winner (AT&T Stadium and Austin, TX 2017)
2016 OCR World Championship 15k Masters 3rd
2016 Spartan U.S. National Series 11th Overall (2nd Masters)
2018 Tough Mudder X Finals, Miami, FL - 23rd (1st Masters)
2018 Tough Mudder X Open, Sacramento, CA - 25th (1st Masters)
2017 Spartan Super Elite, Austin, TX - 1st
2017 Bonefrog Tier I Elite, Austin, TX - 1st
2017 Spartan Time Trial Elite, Austin, TX - 1st
2017 Spartan U.S. National Series, Monterey, CA - 38th (2nd Masters)
2017 Spartan U.S. National Series, Seattle, WA - 22nd (3rd Masters)
2017 Broken Skull Challenge Season 5 Episode 1 (CMT)
2013 American Ninja Warrior Season 5 Episode 1 - Venice Beach (NBC)
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Alpha Warrior in San DIego 2014

The Link Endurance Podcast

In this episode our guest, and one of the top Elite Masters OCR athletes on the planet Michael Mark talks about how he is overcoming a devastating, season ending achilles tendon rupture last month during a warm-up run before the TMX World Championship. Michael was arguably in the best shape of his life when his season ended in a split second.

The Obstacle Order

This show focuses on the attitudes, practices, and mindset necessary to be the best athlete you can be. Also, the best approach to setting goals and expectations. What is it that separates the champions from the also-rans? Listen to this episode to find out!

Q & A

2012 Spartan Sprint in Malibu, California. I did my first and only marathon 6 months prior and really didn't like pavement running with nothing to break the monotony but a few sections of cheering spectators. I saw an ad for Spartan a month later and it looked like something I needed badly, but hadn't known I needed. Watching some video of races, it seemed raw, gritty, challenging and demanding of the whole body, mind and spirit. It was love at first sight.

To be the best I can be. I like winning or simply finishing well compared to others, but having played team sports, I really connect with competition that allows for camaraderie

Dare to dream! I'd want it in my hometown of Sunapee, New Hampshire on Mt. Sunapee.

I spent 9 years after college learning about the brain and we can best use it 🙂

Likely a pick-up league for basketball, baseball/softball.

When I'm in running shape, longer...when I'm in lifting shape, shorter. LOL! I like the grind of the long formats and the high-adrenaline of the short ones. I also like to mix-in some heavier weights just to keep it balanced.

For off-season training and in-season between events, I average about 5 days/week 1-2 hours each session on OCR-specific skills and cross-training (moderate to hard efforts on a mountain bike, indoor climbing, yoga, bootcamp classes, etc.). Recovery work isn't included.

Light cross-training and massage, stretching, rolling, compression sleeves, and most importantly, sleep.

Lift only the amount of weight you need to get through a course. You can never be too fast for OCR - focus on running.

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Spartan AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX, June 22, 2019

  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. These were the first words that popped into my head when looking at video from my last hard session before heading into race my first Spartan Elite heat in over a year.
This is my 8th year obstacle racing. Thousands of hill repeats later, it feels like “old” hat. I’ve ventured into that pain cave so many times it feels like home. The “new” is the beginner feeling I’ve never been able to shake (not that I really want to). Heading into this weekend’s @spartanrace Sprint in Austin, TX, I feel like a rookie who has trained for the thing, but hasn’t yet done the thing - thing, here I come 💪🏼. The “borrowed” piece is a bit more complicated. With racing, I sometimes feel like I’m borrowing moments or chunks of time; like a visitor who will soon return to regular life - I’m always a good house guest 😎. The “blue,” well, that’s simply because of the sky in the shot. Can’t ever go wrong with a blue sky. Living art 😁.
#rookie #trainforocr #trainforlife #hillrepeats #paincave #ocrtraining #ocr #obstacleracing #ocrathlete #comeback #achillesrupture #achillesrehab #achillesrecovery
  • So happy to get back to Southern California ☀️. @shessoquinn and I got to hang with @whoos.that.girl and run her super cool @whoostrailraces format at Crystal Cove.
This was my first trail race in over a year; a 10k out and back with a one-mile 10% incline/decline in the middle. Not having done any incline/decline work in the past year, a day after the race, I was reminded of the beating you take racing descents, even short ones...quadtastic discomfort 🥴. But...what freaking fun!...even though I feel like I’m cheating somehow by not having to climb a wall or traverse a rig while running my ass off 😆. Do any other obstacle racers think about that while trail racing?
.’s back to Austin now and a week of my quads chillin’ out before @spartanrace rolls through 💪🏼. I know I’ll see @ocr_aroo there...who else?
#whoostrailraces #trail #trailrace #trailrunning #running #ocr #obstacleracing #ocrtraining #socal #outside #achillesrupture #achillestendon
  • “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain
I like to get ahead. Not ahead of anyone else necessarily, but ahead of myself and where I was a year, or even a minute ago. I try to stay aware that every moment is a chance to get started - either taking action toward something I’m already working on or toward something new.
This past weekend, I had a chance to “get started” on my next level of progress toward returning to full OCR and trail competition...and I got to be a part of the first running of @stadiumblitz at the University of Houston in Texas 🏟. I was mostly happy with my🥈but was reminded how quickly the machine slows after stair #1,000 😆. As for this new race format, it’s legit. Being able to choose course difficulty levels and racking up points for obstacle completion are cool new twists. Football throw, sled pull/push, kettlebell swings, mixed with some old favorites...A+.
Congrats to @mackroesch, AKA “Mack Attack”, “Big Mack”, “King of Obstacles” on taking the big block. If you’re not already following this beast, do it - he’s on a mission to go from a 225lb mass of freaking steel to a lean, mean OCR machine 💪🏼⚡️Solid work out there speedy 😉. #caterpylaces @caterpy.
#anotherstepforward #getbusyliving #ocr #stadiumblitz #universityofhouston #tdecu #houston
  • Strange day. I rowed on the river for an hour, but didn’t get too far 🙄. My son says I’ve got “Dad Jokes”. I take it as a compliment 🙃
What a way, what day for a little non-running, non-obstacling exercise. Always be on the lookout for ways to shakeup your routine and breathe some fresh air into your workouts.
#outside #rowing #row #atx #ocrtraining #optoutside #nature #endurancetraining
  • The sign said “No Diving”. When will I learn 😬. P.S. can you spot the baby croc?
#trail #outside #shoetesting #ocr #obstacleracing #ocrathlete
  • “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” Einstein
I’ve logged thousands of trail miles, and thankfully, far fewer road miles. After an exceedingly beautiful run the other day, I started thinking about why I prefer trails and trees to pavement and buildings...and I wrote down some thoughts. Curious to know yours - take a look at my Blog post in my Athlete Profile on - link in bio ⬆️
#ocr #obstacleracing #ocrathlete #obstacleedge #fitlincmedia #trail #trailrunning #nature #outside



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