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Age: 31
DOB: 10/12/1987
Born: Clearwater Florida United States
Height: 6' 1" - 185cm
Weight: 220lbs - 100kg
Born: Clearwater Florida United States
Lives: Tampa Florida United States

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I started my OCR Journey unknowingly in Orlando Florida at The Europa Fitness Expo where I entered Alone at the Indoor Sponsered Muscle Pharm “Assult Obstacle Course” with 2 days of Competition and around 300 others taking there shot at 10,000 dollars in CASH Prizes both days! I weighed 220 pounds and dominated the obstacles and had my first taste of victory! I knew this was my God Given Talent and I was thinking I was going to continue to capitalize on it (why waste my talent/gift). I enjoyed traveling nation wide with one goal on my mind be undefeated Win Cold Hard Cash and big Trophy’s! I kept up the Winning over 2 years and one day 2 years later the sponsor pulled the funding (new owners) and it was over but my hunger was not. I needed to live out my Passion OCR Of any kind/style! I later became Champion of Tri fitness 160 yard obstacle course with competition flying in from all over the world as well as the 260 yard True grit Course with workouts such as tire flip and kettle bells combine with speedy obstacles put on by Lengendary Al Rosen Godfather toThe Rock “Dywane Johnson” and Elite Sprint Conditioning and obstacle Technique Coach. I built a Obstacle Course of my own in my backyard been training on it ever since. I since found a way to Continue living the American dream and training on obstacles thanks to platforms such as NBC’s “AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR”, “SPARTAN’s ULTIMATE TEAM CHALLENGE”, CMT’s and WWE Super Star Stone Cold “STEVE AUSTIN’s” “BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE” and CBS Sport’s Tough mudder X “TMX.”
I still continue to enter in all of the above to maintain my ability as with FULL TIME Training around the Country with big name Athletes in the sport. You might see me on the new hit show “The Titan Games” this season with The Rock as well as “Ninja Warrior” and others not disclosed to discuss. I’m currently A Sponsored Athlete with Caterpy Laces and plan on making big moves in the OCR Community focusing on “Short Courses” Around the World. I’m signed with FitLinc Media This Year to also help grow each other’s Brand.

Al Rosen/ Mark Batres and his wife
Shortest (under 2 miles/3k)
Short (3-5 miles/5k-8k)
Miami 2018 Sprint Weekend 5th Place Elite both Races
Mulberry 2018 Last Spartan of the year Sprint 4th Place Elite
Terrain Race Miami 2018 2nd Place Male Overall
Terrain Race Georgia 2018 1st Place Male Overall
TMX (tough mudder x) Miami Qualifiers 4th Place Male Overall
2019 - Spartan Short Obstacle Sprint Courses Elite, Clearwater , Florida - Champion
Spartan Race Stadium University Of Phoenix 3rd Place Elite Podium
Spartan Race Stadium Series 7th in Elite Male Category In 2018
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Obstacle Dominator

Discussion w/ Partners, Training, Plans, and Past experiences in OCR and personal Life.

FitLinc Media
Q & A

My First Obstacle Competition was in Orlando by myself. I was finally doing something without calling for friends to venture with! I drove alone from Tampa to a health and Fitness expo with just the thoughts of health and fitness being my strengths I figured I’d enjoy being around it knowing I was good at it. When I got InSide I saw a challenge I believed I could do well at and well I won It with little to no experience on obstacle courses. This made me realize I was very I’m mean Very Talented at this sort of thing/ now sport. Then I learned they set them up around the country so I traveled with confidence to all of them and Won 1st Overall at all but One Time I managed to place 2nd.

What drives me to compete is the grace and peace I experience when I’m in the zone, in my element, in my strength and using my Talents. I like people to see that they can achieve what I have if they commit and try something they haven’t thought of before.

The Beach Like on a Beach In The sand somewhere! Any beach and hopefully warm!

That I’m actually fast!

Isaiah Vidal
He’s very focused year round and still young enough to pursue much more.

I’d be a gym rat so maybe Mr. Olympia


  • 1 Year Ago Today.... 📷: @epiccassidy
  • Found a path, looks good and I’m going for it! #kingofobstacles
  • Made it! But it wasn’t easy,it was worth the struggle, the challenge, and stress of climbing against gravity, the terrain, the snow and ice, and the incline. Felt the burn and felt the fear. But like I said it was worth the prize,worth the view, and worth the sense of accomplishment! And it’s been a while since I was thinking of quitting the journey. I (we) @ninja_on_the_mountains had to overcome the beast and we did and see what was on the other-side of giving in and turning back.💪👑🦅
  • My old backyard VS my new backyard 📷: @ogmphoto
  • Taking my life to new heights literally! 
@visitcos @visitcolorado 
Sponser: @caterpy 
Photographer: @ninja_on_the_mountains 
Consultant: @fitlincmedia 
Athlete profile: @obstacleedge
  • Lunch time @craverealburgers



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