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Age: 37
DOB: 08/26/1981
Born: Newport News Virginia United States
Height: 6' - 183cm
Weight: 180lbs - 82kg
Born: Newport News Virginia United States
Lives: Newport News Virginia United States

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Jason Wood was born in Newport News, Virginia and grew up playing sports alongside Allen Iverson and Mike Vick. He played baseball and football through high school and went on to play football at the University of the Cumberlands as a Defensive Back and Wide Receiver. Upon graduation, Jason was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. He was a decorated officer during his seven years of active duty that included three combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Among several awards he received, he was named the 2009 Transportation Corps Regimental Officer of the Year. He was also inducted into the Military Order of Saint Christopher and he received two Bronze Star Medals, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Combat Action Badge and the Parachutist Badge (Airborne). Jason now works for a Department of Defense contracting firm in Norfolk, VA and is passionate about OCR and all things fitness.

2018 - Spartan Sprint, Fayetteville, North Carolina - Other - 10th place Elite
2018 - Spartan Super, Fayetteville, North Carolina - Other - 16th place Elite
2017 - Spartan Sprint, Central Florida, Florida - Other - 19th place Elite
2017 - Spartan Beast, Central Florida - Other - 17th place Elite
2017 - Spartan Super, Fayetteville, North Carolina - Other - 37th place (1st Elite race)
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My first obstacle course race was the Spartan Race Virginia Super in June of 2017. I remember being in a relatively tough place in my life and looking in the mirror and not liking the person staring back at me. I saw an advertisement for the race and decided to sign up, drive up to Arrington, and compete in the Open by myself. The slogan “You’ll know at the finish line” proved to be spot on. After that race I was hooked on OCR and have gradually improved not only my ranking and fitness, but my overall perspective on life.

First and foremost, the primary person that drives everything I do in my life is my three-year-old daughter, Camila. Whether I’m out training on the trails or toeing the start line, she’s what I’m thinking about. I want to be an example to her of what a healthy lifestyle looks like and, ultimately, that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you put in the work.

I recently went on a trip to South America and the Amazon. There is some beautiful scenery there and all I could think of was how the terrain, scenery, and location would be awesome for OCR. Otherwise, I really want Tahoe!

In 2011, I was nominated for GQ Magazine's “Better Men Better World” search and in 2012 I was named as one of Richmond Style Weekly’s Top 40 Under 40 for volunteer contributions to the community. I’m a firm believer in service and giving back, especially when it comes to the military veteran community. And yes, you read that right, this mug was once on the GQ Magazine website 🙂

Got to go with Robert Killian. Not only because of his military background, but because of the way he lives his life. The great thing about social media is that you have the opportunity to “know” people and gauge what’s most important to them. Robert is a shining example of a man that has his priorities straight.

This is the toughest question! At 36, you’re certainly limited (unless you’re Tom Brady). I would likely be road racing, competing in triathlons (Ironman and Xterra are on the bucket list), or star of the local flag football team 🙂


  • Sunday was quite the learning experience. About a quarter mile into the Sprint (3.4 miles) and after the very first obstacle I was in dead last place in an awesome field of men. I was initially discouraged, but then something in my head said “Go get em.” Slowly but surely I started to move my way back up the field and eventually found myself going from 65th place after the first obstacle up to 25th at the finish. I’m still learning and making stupid mistakes in this sport, but one thing I will never do is quit. You never know what you will be capable of if you give up. •  PS - I had a wardrobe malfunction at the barbed wire, thus the yellow underwear showing 😂 🎥 @fitlincmedia
  • Started to find my groove today. My best Spartan National Series finish to date. Always looking forward to racing with and against the best out there because it makes me push that much harder. Still have a lot of room for improvement (and probably need to quit donuts and lose 5 pounds) but I’m smiling. If you keep your head down and keep putting in the work eventually the results will start to show. 📸 @fitlincmedia
  • One of the best things about Spartan and the sport of OCR is the community. I’ve met some of the most amazing people through this sport, many who I now consider lifelong friends. For instance, there’s @mackroesch, the one guy I actually look small standing next to 😂. Looking forward to catching up with everyone this weekend in Alabama!
  • “It’s not about the car you drive. It’s about the size of your arm hanging out of the window.” - @therock •
We’ll be flipping tires and jumping fires in Bama this weekend! See y’all out there 💪
  • #endurelite #fuelingfast #familyoffast  @endurelite @fitlincmedia @obstacleedge
  • I was once told that it wasn’t possible for me to juggle being a father, attempting to be an elite athlete, pursuing my PhD, and working a full time job. I was told “you can’t.” Well here’s the thing about me...if you tell me I can’t do something I am, in some way, going to show you I can. If you have a goal or a dream don’t let the doubters get in your way. Instead, use them to fuel your fire. Be thankful they exist. Then prove them wrong...



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