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Age: 42
DOB: 01/08/1978
Born: Somerset Pennsylvania United States
Height: 5' 5" - 165cm
Weight: 135lbs - 61kg
Born: Somerset Pennsylvania United States
Lives: Somerset Pennsylvania United States

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I grew up in a small rural town in southwest Pennsylvania in a lower middle class family. I was not a state level athlete growing up. I was a ok soccer player and a pole vaulter/sprinter in track. After some turbulent teenage years with alcohol and having way to much fun “but that’s a story for another time”. I graduated high school and went straight into the work force. My early 20’s were a whirl wind. I was married by the age of 21 to my high school sweetheart Gina. By 22 I kicked a 2 pack a day smoking habit I had since I was 15 so we could afford health insurance for my wife to try and start family. Then at the age of 23 I bought the painting business I worked for since I got out of high school. From 23 to 30 was a blur. I was solely focused on making my business successful, but at a price! When I turned 30 I had a midlife meltdown lol! I had 2 great kids and a beautiful wife that I hardly spent time with. I’m 5’5” and I was 192lbs! Wow! From the high stress job and horrible life style I developed uncontrollable asthma and allergies. I was a train wreck. My breaking point was Xmas morning 2007 two weeks before my 30th birthday. My kids were opening their Xmas presents and I was 1000 miles away in my head worrying about my business and bills. That’s when I woke up, stepped back and really took a look at my self and was disgusted with what I saw. I was ashamed of what I’ve become. When I was a child and thought about what I would be like when I was old. I never imagined I would have been that. That’s when I knew I needed to do something but thought I was too far gone to change. So I started power lifting. Being a little guy benching came naturally and gave me a reason to workout. Weight classes at bench meets gave me a reason to lose weight. After a couple years, that got old. The thing about power lifting is you always hurt. So I got  into P90X. Which I loved. Then when I was 35 a chance meeting with the dad of my sons friend who was training for a local mud run got me interested in OCR. So I did a local mud run the next spring when I was 36. It was really hard and a ton of fun. At the after party we were talking with another racer and he was saying how this race was like a kids race compared to a Spartan Race. So I took that as a challenge. Two days later I signed up for the Palmerton Sprint in the open class. I did nothing but P90X and Insanity to train for it. That race was honestly the hardest thing I had ever done. I was so close to quitting at the bucket carry. I still remember when I finally crossed the finish line I told my wife “this isn’t for me” and we left. I though I was in pretty good shape! Boy was I wrong, it was a very humbling experience. But it nagged at my thoughts constantly for two days. Then I decided I wanted a trifecta. Lol. That’s what Spartan does to you. It lit a fire inside of me, made me want to be better. So I got my trifecta the first year and did pretty well. I finished 94 at Palmerton, 14 at Wintergreen, and 11 at Ohio all in the open class. So I started racing in the elites the next year. But the best part is after traveling and watching me race my wife and kids wanted to start racing too. So it turned into a family thing. We trained together, traveled up and down the East coast to races over the weekends. And I woke up and found my “Why”. The reason that I train so hard and race even harder. That was the greatest gift that Spartan ever gave me was my family! That’s when I realized, I started this journey selfishly for me. I wanted to look better. But what I came to see was it wasn’t selfish at all. I had to find myself first. How could I love my family if I didn’t love my self. Once that became clear everything fell into place. As a family we have had so many amazing journeys and memory’s over the past four years. I have got to spend so much quality time with my family. That has been my fuel to become the best athlete I can. I want my wife to be proud to say that I'm her husband and I want to be my kids superhero! I want give them someone real to look up too. I want to show them that no matter what your size, ailment, shape, or age with hard work and dedication your world is yours! Make it amazing!

Now at the age of 40 I am still making gains in my fitness. These bodies that we have been given can do so much more than we ever use them for. I have pushed my body and mind to places I never thought were possible. I have achieved a goal I set back in 2014 by getting my first Elite Spartan Podium. I have also achieved multiple age group podiums and local race podiums this year. All of the hard work and sacrifice is really starting to payoff. Keep watching! I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. So to anyone out there that thinks I cant do that because I'm to heavy, to small, to old, to weak, I'm not a runner, i don't have the genetics, or its to late…… Its not! Don't let anything control you! Your world is yours! Make it Amazing!

Short (3-5 miles / 5k-8k)
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
2018 - Spartan Sprint Elite, Charlotte, North Carolina - 3rd Place Podium
2018 - Spartan Sprint Elite, Michigan - 3rd Place Podium
2018 - Spartan Sprint Elite, Spartanburgh, South Carolina - 3rd Place Podium
2018 - OCR NorAm Championships Age Group 3k, Stratton, Vermont - 2nd Place
2018 - Spartan NorAm Champs Trifecta Weekend Beast 7th, Super 1st, Sprint 1st
2017 - NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge TV show, Team Little Giants
2018 - Spartan Sprint Age Group, Greek Peak, New York - 1st Place podium
2018 - Terrain Race Overall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 1st Place Podium
2018 - Spartan Sprint Age Group, Charlotte, North Carolina - 1st Place Podium
2018 - Spartan Super Age Group, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 1st Place Podium
2019 - Spartan National Series Age Group 40-44, Jacksonville, FL - 1st Place Podium
2019 - Spartan Sprint Elite, Jacksonville, FL - 7th Place
2019 - Spartan National Series Age Group 40-44, Saraland, AL - 1st Place Podium
2019 - Spartan National Series Age Group 40-44, Seattle, WA - 1st Place Podium
2019 - Spartan Sprint Elite, Seattle, WA - 8th Place
2019 - Spartan U.S. National Series 40-44 Age Group Champion
2019 - OCR North American 15k 40-44 Age Group Champion
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NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2 Audition Video.

American Ninja Warrior 2019 Audition Video

Taping your ankles for OCR.

I Am A Spartan

Great OCR podcast by Scott Knowles. Real and entertaining interviews with pros and everyday racers. Check mine out its episode #49!

The People of OCR

Joel Zanicky spoke with me and my son about racing together, taking age group podiums as father and son and everything racing!

Q & A

Seven Spring Mud on the Mountain in Nov 2013. I wanted to get out of power lifting but needed something new to train for. A chance meeting with another dad got me interested and signed up for the race. Had a total blast playing in the mud.

My Kids! I want to show them that anything is possible if you want it bad enough and are willing to work hard to get it. I want them to believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. And being crazy competitive helps too.

I think running in Sparta would be amazing!

At 145 lbs my best bench was 290 lbs and i can shoot flies with gum bands like a sniper.

I would have to say my son. At his age he totally blows me away with what he is capable of physically and mentally. But the most impressive thing is how he carries himself while he races and is able to inspire and touch the people around him during and after the races. As a father it makes me unbelievable proud to be at the finish line and see other competitive age group racers come up to him and congratulate him on his performance and thank him for inspiring them during the race.

I would still be golfing. Golf is one of the few sports that requires perfect mechanics with mental toughness to good at it. I love how challenging the swing is to master.

I actually train 7 days a week. Three days lifting, three days quality running, and one rest day that i do a 25% incline walk between 60 - 150 mins.

My recovery from training is spending time with my family watching movies, hiking, riding our bikes, or even walks.

Don' t forget why you started racing. I have owned my own business for 18 years. When i was buying my business the bank made me write a business plan for them to present to the banking board. Which is pretty much a personal blog of why they should lend me the money to start my own business. When times get tough, even now 18 years later i will pull out that business plan and read the vision i had as a kid wanting to be a business man and it gets me right back on track.

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Spartan Race, Sprint, Greek Peak, NY, 3-9-16
Spartan Race National Series, Super, Saraland, AL, 3-16-19
Spartan Race, Elite Sprint, Saraland, AL, 3-17-19
Spartan Race National Series, Age Group, Super, Big Bear, CA, 5-18-19
Spartan Race Mountain Series, Elite, Sprint, Big Bear, CA, 5-19-19
Spartan Race National Series,Age Group, Super, Utah, 7-20-19
Spartan Race, Elite Sprint, Utah, 7-21-19
OCR North American Championships, Age Group, 3K - 15K, Aug 9-11, 2019
Spartan Race North American Championships, Age Group, Beast, Super, Sprint, West Virginia, Aug 24-25, 2019
Spartan Race World Championships, Beast, Age Group, Tahoe, CA, Sept 28, 2019



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