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Age: 22
DOB: 06/26/1996
Born: Cold Spring New York United States
Height: 5' 11" - 180cm
Weight: 150lbs - 68kg
Born: Cold Spring New York United States
Lives: Cold Spring New York United States

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2017 was Cali's first year racing at the Elite level in OCR. At just 21 years-old, she became one of the youngest females to win a race at the Spartan Elite level. She played competitive basketball throughout high school and Division 1 soccer at Boston University.

In 2018, Cali claimed 6 elite podium spots - three being first place finishes. Cali is now part of the 2019 Spartan Pro Team.

Dennis Welch - The Endurance Project
2019 Spartan Pro Team
Mid (5-12 miles / 8k-20k)
Long (12-18 miles / 20k-30k)
2018 Spartan U.S. National Series - 11th Place Elite
2018 Spartan Global Elite Series - 28th Place Elite
2019 Boston Sprint - 1st Place Elite
2019 Tri-State NJ Beast - 3rd Place Elite
2019 Alabama Super (National Series) - 17th Place Elite
2019 Jacksonville Super (National Series) - 25th Place Elite
2018 Long Island Spartan Sprint - 1st Place Elite
2018 NJ Spartan Sprint - 2nd Place Elite
2018 West Point Spartan Sprints - 2nd Place Elite (Saturday), 1st Place Elite (Sunday)
2018 Spartan World Championships - 26th Place Elite
2018 Boston Spartan Super - 2nd Place Elite
2018 Utah Spartan Super (National Series) - 12th Place Elite
2018 Chicago Spartan Super (National Series) - 26th Place Elite
2018 Tri-State NY Spartan Sprint - 5th Place Elite
2018 Big Bear Spartan Beast (National Series) - 13th Place Elite
2018 NJ Spartan Beast - 1st Place Elite
2018 Seattle Spartan Super (National Series) - 16th Place Elite
2018 NJ Bonefrog Tier-1 - 1st Place Elite
2017: 6 Elite Spartan Races, 2 Podiums (NJ Super - 1st; West Point Sprint - 2nd)
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Post-Race Interview after 1st Place Finish at the 2018 Long Island Sprint

Post-Race Interview after 2nd Place Finish at the 2018 Boston Super

Final Obstacles and Finish of the 2018 Spartan World Championships

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Natural Running Network w/Richard Diaz: June 12, 2018

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#SpringTribe Athlete Cali Schweikhart

Q & A

My first obstacle race was the 2015 NJ Spartan Super. I was taking a gap-year from college after leaving Boston University and really wanted something to train for and wanted to challenge myself. I have always loved fitness and training, so my friend recommended that I do a Spartan Race. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! From the minute I toed the start line, I was hooked.

I'm driven mainly by my love for training and the process. To me, the competition is a test of all of the hard work (and fun) that you've put in. Even though it's nerve-wracking, it's so much fun to test your abilities and push yourself to see what you are capable of. Plus, obstacle course racing has some of the best venues in the world. Competing in this sport is an amazing opportunity to see and enjoy new and beautiful places in the coolest way possible!

I would love to run a race in Ireland or Germany... or anywhere in Europe!

I love to sing! When I was in fourth grade, I actually got pulled up on stage at a concert to sing with Pat Monahan and the band "Train."

I don’t think I could name just one - there are so many incredible athletes in this sport that happen to be phenomenal people as well! For example, I had the opportunity to do a trail run in my hometown with Ryan Atkins and Austin Azar last year and I was blown away by how humble and genuine they both were. I also consider myself fortunate to have been able to spend time with athletes like Faye Stenning, Cassidy Watton, Orla Walsh, Kate Cramer, Alyssa Hawley, Rea Kolbl, Nicole Mericle, and Lindsay Webster. All of these amazing women have been so supportive of and helpful to me as a young athlete in the sport and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I don't want to think about a scenario in which I hadn't found OCR - ha! I'm not sure what I would be competing in if that was the case. I was recruited as a goalkeeper for the Boston University women's soccer program, but I left BU after my freshman year because soccer started to be more stressful than fun and my heart wasn't in it anymore. After I stopped playing soccer competitively, I still trained (for both soccer and general fitness) consistently because I loved it. I feel like it's quite possible that, if I hadn't found OCR, I would just be training to stay fit and feel good!

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  • #SpartanBigBear sure was gnarly! Not my best race, not my worst... but I’m happy with a top 25 (23) and another chance to do what I love in a stunning place with the best of friends! 🐻🏔
Thank you to @lalabrunning for the photographic evidence of me getting through the Beater! Ringing that bell doesn’t get old 😜
#OCR #SpartanRace #SpartanPro #RoadToTahoe #TheEnduranceProject #DWEP #SpringEnergy #SpringTribe #NatureUp #HumanN #BeetElite #FitLincMedia #GoldsGymDutchessCounty
  • Looking at the @spartanrace Big Bear course map like... 👀😳⛰
#FunFactFriday: Big Bear last year was the hardest race I have yet to run. Even though it was one of my best finishes in last year’s series, it was the first race that I actually seriously considered quitting for a little bit 😅 The climbs were seemingly endless and simultaneously amazing. It was a lesson in perseverance for sure!
This year’s course is bringing alllll the elevation gain once again, and boasts a final gauntlet that’s 10+ obstacles long! Intimidating? Yes! Exciting? Yes! Time to embrace the grind and enjoy the moment.
#OCR #SpartanRace #SpartanPro #SpartanBigBear #RoadToTahoe #TheEnduranceProject #DWEP #SpringEnergy #SpringTribe #NatureUp #HumanN #BeetElite #FitLincMedia
  • Two words to describe this moment: intense and exhilarating. It’s a combination of feelings that is pretty hard to beat!
#OCR #SpartanRace #SpartanPro #SpartanBoston #RoadToTahoe #TheEnduranceProject #DWEP #SpringEnergy #SpringTribe #NatureUp #HumanN #BeetElite #FitLincMedia
  • Flat, fast, and fun day in MA! As a New Yorker/Cape Codder, it’s extra special to race in the Northeast - great venues and awesome people. Congrats to everyone for taking on #SpartanBoston! And major thank you of course to my coach @enduranceproject_dwep and sponsors: @goldsgymdutchesscounty @spring_energy and @humanpowerofn!
#OCR #SpartanRace #SpartanPro #RoadToTahoe #TheEnduranceProject #DWEP #SpringEnergy #SpringTribe #NatureUp #HumanN #BeetElite #FitLincMedia #GoldsGymDutchessCounty
  • #FunFactFriday ➡️ My go-to race hairdo: single reverse French braid. Why reverse? Because one day I tried to teach myself how to French braid, kind of guessed, and the braid came out in reverse (meaning that the braid juts out as opposed to being tucked into my hair) This is still the only way I know how to do it! **update: I have been informed that this is called a Dutch braid!** 😂
I’m a big fan of @steeple_squigs and love her hashtag #FastBraidFriday - a celebration of a seemingly simple thing that can make a big difference when it comes to feeling fierce and confident. Fridays are for fun facts AND fast braids!
#OCR #SpartanRace #SpartanPro #RoadToTahoe #TheEnduranceProject #DWEP #SpringEnergy #SpringTribe #NatureUp #HumanN #BeetElite #FitLincMedia
  • Gimme alllll the grip and pull strength 😜💪🏼
#GoldsGymDutchessCounty #OCR #SpartanRace #SpartanPro #RoadToTahoe #TheEnduranceProject #DWEP #SpringEnergy #SpringTribe #NatureUp #HumanN #BeetElite #FitLincMedia



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