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Pro Tip: Ice Baths for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Recovery

Pro Tip: Ice Baths for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Recovery
One of my go-tos for OCR recovery is an ice bath after a big/hard training session. It’s great post race when your back is aching from heavy sandbag or bucket carries, or when your legs are zapped from some of the never-ending inclines Spartan likes to throw at us in the mountains. While sometimes debated, I am a firm believer in the benefits of the icy dip, and have been for years. As a former collegiate runner, I’ve spent many hours chillin’ in an ice bath in the trainer’s room and have used it as a recovery tool since I found Obstacle Course Racing. The cold water helps reduce inflammation and swelling while flushing lactic acid from the muscle and after you get out and begin to warm, your muscle tissues gets a fresh and steady flow of rich, oxygenated blood, increasing the speed of recovery.
I like to fill a tub, waist deep, with the coldest water the faucet will allow and add ice until the temperature is between 48-52 degrees (F) – much colder and it can potentially cause tissue damage; much warmer and you’re wasting your time. I like to sit and soak for 10-15 minutes (I usually stop right at 12 minutes). If you have access to a whirlpool that’s even better as your body doesn’t have a chance to warm the water immediately around you and you’re effectively getting the same degree of cold water against your skin at all times. A chilly river or lake would offer the same benefits and I use that option if available because I love the outdoors…oh, and one of my coaches used to tell me that the river also has special healing powers (yeah, sure I believe him :)).
So, if you have an opportunity coming up with an exceedingly difficult training session or race to get into an ice bath, you should. You might just find a new recovery tool that allows you to be less uncomfortable in the days following a butt-kicking and one that also allows you to get back to training more quickly.
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