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Age: 29
DOB: 04/10/1990
Born: Spokane Washington United States
Height: 5' 7" - 170cm
Weight: 134lbs - 61kg
Born: Spokane Washington United States
Lives: Spokane Washington United States

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Alyssa Hawley grew-up as an all-around athlete. Having played several team sports, she found her greatest passion was softball, which she played through college at the Division 1 level at Stony Brook University. After college, with her competitive spirit ready for the next chapter of her life, she found Spartan Race. She began racing Spartan events as many do, recreationally. However, it did not take long for Alyssa to find herself on the podium, beating professionals, and watching her next chapter as an athlete unfold as she emerged as one of the top athletes in the sport during the 2015 season. Alyssa placed 4th at the Spartan Race World Championship in her first year, sending a clear message to the sport that she was a serious contender.

Alyssa works tirelessly on improving, which has led to 4 consecutive years on the Spartan Pro Team and a steady stream of podium appearances. She constantly tests her body, mind, and spirit whether it's on the race course, coaching others, traveling abroad, or in her own personal and professional development. She is currently finishing her personal training degree and certificate in nutrition while training, racing and most recently preparing to open a gym with her Dad this summer. Alyssa strives to be the best she can be in order to inspire others to do the same, and is using her expertise and knowledge to help others through personal training and coaching within a virtual fitness community.

Spartan Pro Team
40+ podiums with 19+ overall wins
2019 Spartan U.S. National Series, Seattle - 4th Place
2019 Spartan U.S. National Series, Alabama - 4th Place
2019 Spartan U.S. National Series, Jacksonville, FL - 5th Place
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Dirt in Your Skirt

May 30, 2017

The Obstacle Order

April 27, 2018
Alyssa Hawley: Creating a Winning Mind
The focus of this episode is how to create a winning mindset. It’s seems like the grittier the better for Alyssa. We explore why that is. Learn how a winning mindset and positive attitude help Alyssa to make epic comebacks and beat faster runners than her.

The Link Endurance Podcast

April 17, 2017
In this episode Spartan Pro Alyssa Hawley gives us a detailed review of the recent Seattle Super, which was full of mud and failed obstacles by all. We also talk about:
– How she “calms her mental chatter”
– Staying present during a race
– Coaching athletes through there first Spartan Race
– The importance of self talk
– And fun facts about Kangaroos and someone’s obsession over wallaby’s 🙂

Q & A

My first obstacle race was technically a Spartan Stadium Race in CitiField of May 2015. My first “real” Spartan was a Sprint that August in Washougal. I initially did it as a goal, to keep me motivated. I was instantly hooked on the stadium because it was fun, and then Washougal rocked my world. At the time it was the hardest thing I had done. And it fueled my competitive fire to keep working hard and to see what I was capable of.

I want to be the best version of myself I can be. And when I race, that is what I feel. I feel that God has given me this talent and craft. I see it as an art that I want to keep perfecting and finding new limits within myself to glorify Him. And when I am at my best self through the ups and downs, I can inspire others, especially other women and young girls, to see that they are so much more capable than they realize.

Well since I already checked off Greece and Hawaii, I think the great wall of China would be sick, if it would even be possible. Definitely Africa, Ireland, and South America.

I am obsessed with mustard; I’ll eat it on just about anything. Popcorn is my weakness. I cried watching Lady Gaga perform at the SuperBowl. I have also been a vegetarian for about a year now (yeah yeah, I have been known to eat the occasional in-n-out 🙂 ).

Ryan Kent. Mostly because he got me into the sport. I didn’t even know he was a big deal when I met him. I was literally a nobody, I had only won one race, and he gave me the confidence boost to go further. It just showed me how down to earth of a guy he is and how kind he was to a complete stranger. I admire him for that and how dedicated he is and hard he works.

Crossfit and competitive Cribbage.

Everyone's strengths and weaknesses are going to differ but since the foundation is running, and since most people hate running (which I cannot quite grasp), I’d have to say RUN! To keep at it and find a way to figure out how to love it. Because I am convinced there is no greater feeling, or gift we have received than to be able to run.

Spartan U.S. National Series

  • Literally every time I run I think of how incredible the body is. How it can take pound after pound. How it breaks and then comes back stronger. How there are so many little bones, joints and tendons that are interconnected and work together so hard and then are able to hold us up and push us stride after stride without us really thinking about it. The body is mind blowing. So use your body in every way you can. Move. Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it. The body is the greatest machine you will ever own.
  • We are raised in a culture that says we need to be courageous. And yet at the same time we are raised to think that vulnerability is weakness? Name a time when you or someone else had to be courageous without risk, emotional exposure, or uncertainty? This was a mind blowing concept to me this morning while watching Brené Brown. We want to have full lives and in order to do that we need to be courageous and yet we are held back by the fear of vulnerability that actually cultivates courageousness. I just want to let that sink in and hope that you dare to be vulnerable this week. Uncomfortableness is the only way to grow. And maybe just get a little uncomfortable at 15% on the treadmill for 60” and watch her full speech on Netflix. Training the mind is just as important as the physical! #TrainingTuesday
  • I think Easter doesn’t get enough credit. Where Christmas seems to bring a lot of stress and worry, I find true freedom and peace and joy in Easter. It was the most epic day in all history! I could go on forever. A moment so foundational and brilliant of God’s love for us in redeeming us and bringing us back to Him so that we may experience that freedom and joy and peace in Him. Thank you Jesus. Happy Easter from my incredible family to yours. ❤️
  • 🙏🏼 this WOD. Made me reflect on all the events and emotions that happened leading up to Jesus death every round I did. Thank you @blackgoat.crossfit!
AMRAP 33 minutes
12 pull ups
30 Sit ups
2 Rope Climbs
3 Squat Snatches 
Performance (95/135)
Vitality (75/55)
Launch (65/35) 33 minutes begin a partner 800m barbell carry. One person carying at a time.
•Christ is guessed to be 33 at his death.
•There were 12 disciples.
•Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus.
•There were 2 false witnesses.
•There were 3 crosses at the crucification.
•800 meters is the approximate distance Christ carried the cross with Simon of Cyrene.
  • 2019 season on the up and up 🏔 all the mountains from here on out.
More climbing means I get to up my @ascent_protein casein intake 😋🦵
@spartanrace #RoadToTahoe #SpartanPro #AscentProtein  #HardWork
  • These were the highlights of my weekend. Spending it with family and friends. And that means more to me than any placement. To say I’m disappointed with my performance this weekend is an understatement. It may be dramatic. But I went into this race crossing all my “t’s” and dotting all my “i’s” and trained specifically for wet conditions and was excited that the weather would shake things up. And despite having incredible confidence and determination I ended up having what I believe to be the worst race of my career. I somehow managed to pull out a 4th place which is awesome don’t get me wrong but any placement wouldn’t have outdone 4 failed obstacles in my book. Failure is feedback. Theres always up and downs but that’s what makes the sport so great. There’s more races ahead. I am ALWAYS grateful for the opportunity to race and I am thankful for the failure because they bring me closer to God. As well as thankful to my family and friends for standing out in the rain and cold to watch me ❤️
“Every circumstance you face is an opportunity for God to grow your faith. The same circumstances that have the power to turn us away from God also have the power to grow our faith.”
Montana on deck - ready to start some climbing! 🏔 Thank you to @ascent_protein for keeping me recovered and able to stay CONSISTENT ✊🏻
@spartanrace #SpartanPro



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