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Age: 41
DOB: 03/14/1980
Born: India
Height: 5' 7" - 170cm
Weight: 150lbs - 68kg
Born: India
Lives: Spartanburg South Carolina United States

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Akash Garg may be a late bloomer in the OCR community but that has not deterred him from already achieving some major milestones. In his time away from OCR and training, Akash works as a chiropractor and professor of Biology. He contributes much of his recent successes to the science of nutrition and exercise physiology. "It is amazing how an ordinary person can be extraordinary". Even as a slightly older athlete he plans to continue to grow and improve in the sport. 

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Ultra (18+ miles/30k+)
30+ Spartan Open Wins, with 40+ Podiums
2018 Spartan World Open Series Champion
2018, 2019 Spartan U.S. Open National Series Champion
2019 3rd place overall America's Toughest Mudder
OCR World Championships (OCRWC) Qualifier 2017, 2018, 2019
15th place World's Toughest Mudder 2018
1st place Bonefrog Elite Endurance Austin 2019
1st place Bonefrog Elite Endurance New Jersey 2019
1st place Bonefrog Elite Endurance Florida 2018
2nd place Bonefrog Elite Endurance Virginia Beach 2019
2nd place Bonefrog Elite Endurance Long Island 2019
2nd place Bonefrog Elite Endurance Talledega 2019
2nd place Bonefrog Elite Endurance New Jersey 2018
3rd place Toughest mudder Twin Cities Elite 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Michigan 2109
1st place open Spartan Sprint West Va 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Boston 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Washington DC 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Big Bear, CA 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Boston 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Seattle 2019
1st place open Spartan Super Alabama 2019
1st place open Spartan Super Arizona 2019
1st place open Spartan Sprint Socal 2019
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TV - Spot on Your Carolina

Describing Dr. Garg's first Ultra Spartan Race at the World Championship level - 2nd place finish

Herald Journal - Spartanburg SC

Highlights of upcoming Spartanburg SC first Spartan race, featuring Dr. Akash Garg as an athlete to be seen.

Salming Shoes Introduction

Running Swedes' Salming Ambassador Profile of Akash Garg. His first sponsor; Salming Shoes

Q & A

I ran a local race known as the Goodwill Mudrun in Greenville, SC. It was just a fun activity to do with friends, but I fell completely in love with the sport from the start! The willingness of other athletes to help one another is amazing!

The feeling of absolute joy and pride one can achieve when they are pushed to their limits. I truly love seeing just how far I can push myself and the results from it; it makes for an incredible rush and sense of accomplishment.

This might sound a little kooky, but I would love to run near an ancient landmark like the Egyptian pyramids, or through the Colosseum in Rome.

I am a complete nerd! In my off time, I love to read books such as a Brief History of Time by Hawking, but have to balance it out by watching Rick and Morty!

I really admire Ryan Woods. He is in my region and to see him perform on some of these extremely difficult mountain course on the west coast is most impressive. It is rare to see an OCR athlete literally attack a mountain!

I think I would have chosen to try and compete as an ultra marathon runner or triathlete. Again pushing myself to the limit is always appealing to me!

I love to run Ultra distances! I feel it showcases my determination and strength in running. Often times I have to slow for the heavy lift obstacles, and lose a few moments against my competitors. The distance to make up for some of those shortcomings is easily erased for me with some extended running.

I am a kid at heart and when it comes to OCR training it really shows. I often times find myself at a playground, using the equipment to help supplement my grip strength training. I am also that the city I live in provides for a few outdoor workout venue near some of the major trails I run.

With the number of races I do in a year, 50 plus this 2019 season I truly thinking managing time to recover is a vital pillar in being an OCR athlete. Being a chiropractor I highly encourage getting adjusted and receiving proper recovery. I tend to spend extra time in the gym stretching and taking advantage of a massage. I do believe nutrition is a HUGE aspect to recovery. This can vary from differences in races but I do follow a general formula to overcome the stresses of the racing routine.

HAVE FUN! Do not forget why you are doing this! Despite all the workouts, the medals, the accomplishments, the disappointments, you have to remember this is FUN! Go out there give yourself a goal to shoot for, if you do not reach it yet, find a way to get it next time. OCR has given me the means to improve myself as a person physically as well as mentally. I have developed such lasting relationships with others through the years that I know this will become a lifetime thing for myself. I encourage anyone getting into the sport to reach out for others for advice to get yourself in a position to get to your goals, but do not forget the ultimate goal, helping yourself be a better you! If anyone has any questions as to the exact how I would easily feel free to share. This community is amazing and we all can help one another accomplish even further in our goals!

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Spartan Race Ultra Tahoe, Ca 9/28
Spartan Race Super Chicago, Il 10/5
Spartan Race Sprint Chicago, Il 10/6
Bonefrog Charlotte, Nc 10/19
Spartan Race Beast Dallas 10/26
Spartan Race Beast Dallas 10/27
Spartan Race Sprint Dallas 10/27
World's Toughest Mudder 11/16



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